Software Licensing

Software Licensing for UA Faculty, Staff & Students

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

What is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

This software creates and manages dynamic forms, delivers professional documents and easily allows for the exporting of data for analysis and reporting. 

Why Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Many different files can be made into the .pdf format. Although all computers have Adobe Acrobat Reader, only Adobe Acrobat Professional can actually make different files into .pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and can only “view” or read .pdf files.

Adobe Send and Track for Outlook

You can use Adobe Send & Track plug-in for Outlook to send large files as public links through Outlook. The attached files are uploaded to Adobe Document Cloud, and public links to the files are inserted in the email body.

Recipients can click the link to preview the file in a browser window and can download the file if needed. Read more...

General Information/License Agreement Terms & Conditions

  • Eligibility: Faculty and Staff
  • Version: 
  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Cost: Free to install on institutionally owned computers
  • Computer and Software Requirements
  • NOTE: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.
  • To Access
  • License Restrictions: Only those identified in the software or per the vendor
  • Notes (Instructions & Documentation) Vendor Created
  • Expires: Old serialized versions will expire in November 2019 - these will need to be removed and reinstalled with new updated Acrobat Pro.
  • Support: 
  • Website(s): Adobe