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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe® Connect™ is the University's supported web conferencing application that provides the delivery of real-time course lectures and meetings. Users only need a Flash-enabled web browser and an Internet connection to participate in these synchronous online sessions. Adobe® Connect™ provides streaming audio, video, and screen sharing. The service includes collaboration tools that can be customized to facilitate various lecture, training, and meeting situations. Uploaded meeting room content is automatically maintained for future sessions, reducing preparation time. There is also a recording feature that allows later review and archiving of Adobe® Connect™ Meetings.

Getting a UA Adobe® Connect™ Account

We currently have campus concurrent licensing for 500, however, there is a room capacity limit of 100 attendees.

  • To create a meeting and begin using Adobe® Connect™, open your web browser and navigate to:
  • Log in using your UA NetID and password. The first time you log in, your Adobe Connect account is automatically created.

Inviting Account Holders and Guests

  • When setting up a meeting, you will add Participants.
  • When you search Available Users, you will only be able to find members of the campus community who have an account because they have logged in once to Adobe Connect. You can add anyone who is an account holder to the Participants list, assign them a role such as Host if you wish, and the account holder will be able to enter the meeting directly from the meeting link after NetID authentication.
  • To invite a member of the UA community who has never logged in or someone from outside the UA, you must create the meeting and send them the link.  You must choose the meeting setting of allowing "Anyone who has the URL for the meeting." When they use the link to enter the meeting, they will fill in their name and enter as a Guest

Whether your Participants are account holders or guests, you will need to send all the Participants the link for the meeting via email or a calendar invitation. The two links generated for the meeting are:

For UA NetID Holders

    • NetID holders who already have an Adobe Connect account will directly enter the meeting after authentication.
    • NetID holders who do not have an Adobe Connect account yet, will authenticate and then go through the Guest entry. After this first entry into Adobe Connect, they will then have a UA Adobe Connect account.

For Non UA NetID Holders

    • People from outside the University are welcome to attend UA Adobe Connect meetings. Send them the link for Non NetID holders, and they will go through the Guest entry process.

Downloading the Adobe® Connect™ Add-in

The Adobe® Connect™ Add-in can be downloaded by clicking the link for the type of operating system you are currently using. This plug-in will allow you to share your screen and upload files to meetings.

For a full list of available downloads and updates (including add-ins) click here.

Using Adobe® Connect™ Integrated with D2L or BlackBoard

Adobe Connect is automatically integrated with D2L or BlackBoard. If you have questions about using it for instruction, please see the Office of Instruction and Assessment.

Students will have access to Adobe Connect but only through the course management tool Desire2Learn (D2L) or BlackBoard.

General Information/License Agreement Terms & Conditions

Eligibility: Faculty, staff


Platform: Windows, Mac OSX, Ubuntu Linux, RedHat Linux

Cost: Adobe® Connect™ is available for free to all faculty and staff at the University of Arizona

Computer and Software Requirements

System Requirements


License Restrictions: Only those identified in the software or per the vendor

Notes (Instructions & Documentation) 


Support: Contact the 24/7 IT Support Center (520) 626-TECH (8324)

Website(s): Adobe