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Adobe Shared Device Licensing

Changes to Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing 2019

  • Coming in February 2019 the new Adobe Shared Device License (SDL) for Lab and Office Use Will Become Available. Check here for updates as they are posted. 
  • Effective November 1, 2018 Adobe is removing their support for serialized versions of enterprise licensed Adobe software. Beginning November 1, all UA enterprise Adobe downloads and updates will be for named licenses (individual NetID) only. Read here for how this impacts you.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Home Use Expires January 31, 2019 - This service will no longer be offered with the new Adobe Licensing contract, however all named users can install on multiple workstations (including those not owned by the University) and activate on two workstations concurrently.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

For Faculty/Staff

Contact your Adobe Deployment Rep (see 'General Information/License Agreement Terms & Conditions' section below)

Let your rep know if you will need:

  • Just Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and/or any of Adobe’s other creative applications
  • Software on your desktop/laptop/home computers

If your rep gives you a “named license” you can install on multiple workstations (including those not owned by the University) and activate on two workstations (regardless of OS) concurrently.


DO NOT attempt to upgrade lab environments to Creative Cloud 2019 at this time. If you attempt to update shared environments (labs and classrooms) to Creative Cloud 2019, the apps installed on a machine will run in trial mode.

If you already attempted to update labs to Creative Cloud 2019 and as a result, have machines runnning in trial mode - this situation can occur if you deployed with a serial number and did not disable installation and update in the Creative Cloud application. You should:

  1. Uninstall Creative Cloud.
  2. Create a new installer package containing needed application using the Creative Cloud Packager with 'Apps and Updates' disabled.
  3. Deploy the software to the shared environment.
  4. If you currently deploy software via serial numbers, you should continue using Creative Cloud 2018 until the SDL is available (February 2019).

For individual users who updated and had their software revert to trail mode. 

  1. You must convert back to Creative Cloud 2018. 
  2. Uninstall Creative Cloud 2019 apps.
  3. Reinstall the previous version of Creative Cloud 2018.  

If you are running Creative Cloud on a Named User License you will not be affected and can using the new features in Creative Cloud 2019 now.

What is Adobe SDL

This license is for university-owned workstations that are shared by more than one person, including office workstations used by student employees. This license is licensed by a serial number.

General Information/License Agreement Terms & Conditions