Software Licensing

Software Licensing for UA Faculty, Staff & Students


What is LabVIEW   

"National Instruments LabVIEW is a graphical programming platform that helps engineers scale from design to test and from small to large systems. It offers unprecedented integration with existing legacy software, IP, and hardware while capitalizing on the latest computing technologies. LabVIEW provides tools to solve today’s problems—and the capacity for future innovation—faster and more effectively."

Why use LabVIEW

"NI LabVIEW system design software is at the center of the National Instruments platform. Providing comprehensive tools that you need to build any measurement or control application in dramatically less time, LabVIEW is the ideal development environment for innovation, discovery, and accelerated results. Combine the power of LabVIEW software with modular, reconfigurable hardware to overcome the ever-increasing complexity involved in delivering measurement and control systems on time and under budget."

General Information/License Agreement Terms & Conditions

  • Eligibility: Faculty, staff, and students
  • Versions: 2009 through 2019 download installers available
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Cost: Free - for driver download only
  • Computer and Software Requirements
  • Order/Download:
  • License Restrictions: Only those identified in the software or per the vendor 
  • Notes (Instructions & Documentation): 
  • Expires: March 2021 
  • Support: 
  • Website(s): To learn more...