Software Licensing

Software Licensing for UA Faculty, Staff & Students


  • 2019 MatLab License - IMPORTANT Information for Students

    August 1st, 2019
    University of Arizona offers a campus-wide license to MATLAB, Simulink, and companion toolboxes. Students are covered by the campus-wide license and can install software on their home or laptop computers.  New instructions are available on how to download, install, and activate the current version. Visit MatLab on Software License to learn more.Read More
  • Red Hat Enterprise License No Longer Offered to Campus as of June 30, 2019

    May 29th, 2019
    RHEL6 and RHEL7 support for the campus/enterprise agreement with Red Hat will not be renewed once it expires at the end of June 2019. Once that happens, your servers will still function, but you will not be able to get any further patches for RHEL6/7 without taking some additional steps. Read more...Read More
  • Effective 4/16/19 - ESRI Software Update Requires Users Use TLS

    March 27th, 2019
    EFFECTIVE APRIL 16, 2019 - ESRI  to implement an update which requires users to use a Transport Layer Security (TLS) ESRI is committed to building and providing strong security for the ArcGIS Platform and helping their customers by using the latest security protocols. They strive to implement the highest industry standards, including TLS for data integrity and network security. To meet these standards, ESRI is making configuration information available and, where necessary, providing software updates across the ArcGIS platform to support TLS 1.2. As part of improving ArcGIS Online security, ES...Read More
  • Complimentary MATLAB Training for University of Arizona

    January 16th, 2018
    Learn MATLAB® interactively, at your own pace, with MATLAB Academy™ MATLAB is listed as a top skill to learn by students at top technical schools across the globe. Knowing MATLAB is beneficial for your coursework and projects in school, and when entering the workforce. You can build these skills with online, self-paced training sponsored by your organization. To sign-up and learn more visit: More
  • Free Adobe Creative Cloud Now Available for All UA Students

    August 22nd, 2017
    This Fall Semester of 2017, all University of Arizona students enrolled in classes will be eligible to request an Adobe Creative Cloud license (a $600/year value) at no additional cost.  The University of Arizona is excited to offer the opportunity to learn about and use the industry-standard tools that Adobe Creative cloud has to offer. Learn more...Read More