Software Licensing

Software Licensing for UA Faculty, Staff & Students

Read & Write

What is Read & Write

Read & Write is an easy-to-use software with tools to assist you with reading, writing, studying and research. 

Why Use Read & Write

    Read & Write’s tools have the potential to increase student success and include: 

    • Text-to-speech – you can listen to your documents and web pages
    • Create an MP3 of your documents to listen on the go 
    • Color Overlay - apply a color filter to make reading easier
    • Highlighting tools – highlight key points in your document 
    • Dictionary - to look up terms

    General Information/License Agreement Terms & Conditions

    • Eligibility: Faculty, staff, students
    • Version: 
    • Platform: Windows and Mac
    • Cost: Free 
    • Order/Download  
    • Campus Computer Lab
    • License Restrictions: Only those identified in the software or per the vendor
    • Notes (Instructions & Documentation) Vendor Created
    • Expires: No expiration
    • Website(s): Texthelp