Software Licensing

Software Licensing for UA Faculty, Staff & Students


Imagine Academy

The Microsoft Imagine Academy is a FREE program available to all current UA students, faculty, and staff. Specifically it is a subscription-based membership program designed to offer students and faculty learning solutions for IT skills training and certification as well as technology essentials for professionals. 

Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online is a joint venture between publishers O'Reilly & Associates and The Pearson Technology Group. Two modules are available at no charge: Safari Tech Books Online is a one-stop source for leading IT information; Safari Business Books Online provides reference essentials for the business world.

UAccess Workshops

Ongoing training for staff, faculty, and students in the UAccess systems.


The University of Arizona's UACBT service (Computer-Based Training) offers 24/7 availability of FREE online training to over 1026 courses and 98,729 video tutorials, covering a broad range of topics and applications. See Support, How-To's & Info.

Most tutorials have between five and fifteen hours of content. Each tutorial is divided into lessons from 2-10 minutes long on average. Each lesson is available as a Flash, QuickTime, Adobe Air, or Adobe Air for Linux movie.  You can stop, start, rewind, and review each lesson as often as desired.

Adobe Tutorials and Workshops

On the Adobe & Arizona website, the Learn menu offers two great options. Apps and Tutorials conveniently links all Adobe's training and support resources, including their step-by-step video tutorials for getting started with Adobe software. Events lists all the workshops developed by UArizona's Digital Learning that you can attend with a live presenter.

EDGE Learning

EDGE Learning is the campus system for online workshops and tracking certifications. Visit UAccess and click on EDGE Learning, where you can see your own training plan and browse offerings.