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Software Licensing for UA Faculty, Staff & Students

WEPA - CatPrints

What Is WEPA  - CatPrints 

WEPA (pronounced 'Wee-Pah'), now known at UA as CatPrints, provides all students, faculty, and staff with the ability to upload/send their documents from any location and conveniently print those documents at any CatPrints printing kiosk on-campus. Of the 36 CatPrints kiosks located throughout campus nine (9) are located in the Office of Student Computing (OSCR) labs. You can also print documents directly from your home computer, laptop, USB drive, or smartphone (see links to mobile app downloads below) to any CatPrints kiosk. CatPrints prints most Windows and Mac files and uses high grade materials, allows for black and white and color printing, and prints single and double-sided. You can release your sent documents by swiping your CatCa$h card or credit/debit card at each printing kiosk. CatPrints kiosks do not accept cash. 

Why Use CatPrints

WEPA uses cloud technology to store print jobs for 96 hours until students can retrieve them from any one of the CatPrint kiosks on campus. The UA campus was the first WEPA partner to use campus login credentials (UA NetID) as a security measure for login.  

Download Print Driver:

  • WEPA Driver Download (PC and Mac)
    • Go to WEPA website and click on Log In
    • Select University of Arizona from Select Your School dropdown option
    • Enter your UA NetID and Password
    • Download the WEPA Print App appropriate for your computer, PC or Mac
  • ​Android WEPA Print App download
  • Apple iOS WEPA Print App download

General Information/License Agreement Terms & Conditions

  • Eligibility: Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Version: 2019.8.3
  • Platform: Windows or Mac
  • Cost: Free - for driver download only
  • Computer and Software Requirements: None
  • License Restrictions: Only those identified in the software or per the vendor
  • Notes (Instructions & Documentation)
  • Expires: n/a
  • Support: FAQs
  • Website(s): WEPA